Besides regular services such as consultations, surgery, dental care, and vaccinations, we are able to provide a complete array of blood analyses, ultrasound examinations, and digital radiology services. As well, we offer some services that are unique to veterinary hospitals. Please take a look below and click on the links provided.

Wellness and Health

We focus on the entire pet. The best nutrition, dental health, weight control, skin and coat condition, and joint issues, amongst others, are all reviewed with how to optimize health.

Frequency-Specific Low Level Laser

We use the laser to manage an astounding array of diseases. It can help arthritis, liver disease, nerve paralysis, and even help with palliation in cancer.

Applied Kinesiology and Food Assessment

This technique allows us to determine the best diet by removing foods the pet is sensitive to.


We aim to minimize vaccinations by extending the interval between vaccines, using only the ones that are necessary, and avoiding them when possible.

Veterinary Neuronal Adjustment

We employ this spinal adjustment technique for back and neck issues, bowel disease, joint conditions, and much more. 

Dental care

We offer dental extractions and prophylactic cleaning. This reduces mouth infections and can lengthen your pet's life.


We can remove tumours, extract swallowed stones, as well as perform sterilization procedures.


Our digital x-ray system can take radiographs of any part of the body. We do not sedate or anesthetize to make most radiographs.