Cooper receiving laser therapy for inflammatory​ bowel disease (IBD).

Toni at the start of her treatment for a sore neck.

Toni starting to relax after a few minutes of laser therapy.

Toni enjoying her laser therapy for her sore neck.

Frequency-Specific Low Level Laser

When most people think about lasers, they immediately picture the kind that burn. Our Erchonia laser is a cold laser that enhances metabolic activity through non-thermal (no heat) reactions. It is, more importantly, a low level laser that operates at a mere 5 milliwatts.

Many lasers used by veterinarians and chiropractors rely on strength and penetration to trigger healing, operating at 10,000 to 50,000 milliwatts. If not used correctly, these units can damage tissue and they can cause retinal damage if practitioners and patients do not wear protective goggles. Because it is so weak, our Erchonia laser is safe, non-toxic and non-invasive. There have been no recorded side effects in over 1700 publications.

Though weak in power, the Erchonia laser is immensely powerful in its ability to trigger healing. It is the instrument of choice for our practice of Frequency-Specific Low Level Laser (FSLLL) therapy.

The laser emits different frequencies of light – the rays of red light blink on and off anywhere from 4 to 10,000 times per second or more. With each set of treatment, the body receives 12 frequencies of light. Most patients are treated with 3 to 4 sets per session of therapy (up to 48 different frequencies).

The body has an innate ability to heal itself. The photonic light emitted by our Erchonia laser acts as a trigger to initiate the amazing healing process. Cells in a state of disease are out of communication with other cells so they stop functioning or they start to function in an unwanted manner without receiving the normal “check and balance” messages (the best example of the latter is cancer, in which cells grow out of control).

Our Erchonia laser re-establishes communication by delivering photonic light at specific frequencies that stimulate the activity of cells that are failing to act normally. The laser “kickstarts” healing in the targeted cells.

From a scientific perspective, the light from our laser unit has an impact on mitochondrial DNA which becomes unravelled when damaged by disease or toxins. When exposed to the correct frequency of light, the generation of ATP in the mitochondria is stimulated which rehabilitates the DNA back to a functional 3-D shape. The result is improved cellular function.

FSLLL therapy has immense potential; it can trigger healing in a huge number of diseases. In human medicine, FSLLL therapy has been utilized primarily by chiropractors for its ability to enhance tissue recovery and speed healing time. It is, however, also proven to work on clearing acne and it has been used for facelifts and dissolving fat.

We have utilized FSLLL in a much broader way; it benefits patients with musculoskeletal disease but also those with organ dysfunction, hormone imbalances, as well as immune and allergic conditions. A full listing of diseases that we have treated can be found on our laser site.

Dr. Inman, the veterinarian who embraced this technology, continues to expand its potential through research and our personal knowledge increases almost weekly through his teachings.

Sometimes we start a FSLLL series as a supplement to ongoing western therapies, particularly when we are not getting the desired response with traditional management. Frequently, we choose to do light energy healing with the laser as the primary therapy when we want a completely noninvasive approach to patient care, and particularly when Western medicine has nothing to offer.

Most patients need, on average, 13 light therapy sessions, but this is determined by the severity and chronicity of the disease process. The frequency of treatment is determined by how quickly we want or need healing.

One thing is certain about FSLLL therapy, the treatment is painless and, in most patients, it induces a pleasing state of relaxation. Some go to sleep during the treatment while others go home and enjoy deep sleeps. It is not unusual for cats who don’t like their carriers to suddenly be content to be crated and for dogs who are a bit anxious about visiting the hospital to be pulling their owners in our front door. They all remember – it feels great!

Please visit our laser website for more information and examples of cases we have treated with this unique tool. Here’s the link: