Newsletter August 2017

Cruciate Study and J&L's new puppy

Cruciate ligament rupture.

For many it means an expensive surgery with an unpredictable outcome. But, there is another way, and that is what we are doing at our hospital.

We are tackling cruciates without surgery and certainly with less cost. And, who wants to put their dog through surgery anyway?

We’ve been using Cartrophen injections and anti-inflammatories, which constitute the conventional way of helping dogs out. To this, we add light therapy (frequency-specific low level laser) and chiropractic (spinal) adjustments.

This stimulates healing and we are having great success. How good is it? That is the focus of a survey we just launched so we can formally review how the dogs are doing.

If you want to learn about this program, take a look at this explanation from our laser site. If you know a friend that has a dog suffering from this condition, please pass it along. They will thank you.

Jeff and Louise's New Puppy

Jeff and Louise are expecting, a new puppy that is. He will arrive mid-September and you are sure to see SHAY at the hospital on your visits.

Here is a short video of him over a three-week period.