We have an amazing group of people at our hospital. We care most about the animals we look after. This is evident from the pets we have as well as the experiences we each have. Here is a brief biography on the doctors and staff.

Dr. Louise Janes

Dr. Louise was born in Ocean Falls, now an isolated ghost town, on the west coast of British Columbia. While growing up in Richmond, she shared her life with lots of felines, but sought out the energy of as many creatures as possible. Her first degree in Agricultural Sciences at UBC prepared her for a job as shepherd of the UBC sheep flock, and for her later career as a veterinarian. Louise did her doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, graduating with distinction, in 1990.

Louise has always felt a deep connection to nature. She loves to embrace the peace and tranquility offered by Island landscapes because Mother Nature’s beauty inspires and nurtures her. She loves using her creativity to design things, but most of all she enjoys capturing images with her camera. Her favourite subjects are all fauna (and flora), great and small. Her images decorate the waiting room at the hospital.

Dr. Jeff Grognet

Dr. Jeff hails from Bolton, England, moving to White Rock as a young lad. He spent his formative years surrounded by animals, from fish to rabbits, and from dogs to cats to horses. Jeff’s affinity with animals led him to pursue studies in Agricultural Sciences at UBC, followed by four years at the University of Saskatchewan. He graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1983 and returned to White Rock to practice.

Jeff has written over 1000 articles for magazines and newspapers. He also teaches a number of veterinary assistant and pet sitting courses on-line (see www.ed2go.com)


Jeff and Louise connected in 1984 while Louise was the shepherd at UBC. They married in 1992 and dreamed of a practice they could share. They moved to Oceanside and opened the Mid-Isle Veterinary Hospital in 1996. Since then, they have continued to evolve, utilizing integrative medicine; a blend of complementary and Western medicine.


At home, Jeff and Louise have four cats. Curbee (found as a stray on a curb in Surrey) is their 18 year-old with kidney disease and arthritis. A sweet white cat, Cassidy, was surrendered to the SPCA as a kitten with severe skin allergies. A viral infection claimed her eyesight but cataract surgery brought some vision back. She is the princess!

The brothers, Calvin and Hobbs, were born at the hospital eight years ago. Their mother, a stray, went to Louise's parents' farm. These loving boys are double trouble, but provide endless hours of entertainment. Calvin is the athlete while Hobbs is the clown. Louise and Jeff lost their beloved dog Courtney a few years ago and haven't yet found the perfect dog to join the pack.



Fran is a life-long Islander. She grew up in Victoria and moved to a home in Coombs in 1987 where she raised her two sons. Before joining us, she worked for Canada Post and managed the Coombs post office and General Store. Fran has been a part of the Mid-Isle family for 16 years. We thank her gorgeous Labrador Retriever Sandy for bringing Fran into our lives so many years ago!

Over the years, Fran has opened her heart and her home to a happy assortment of finned and furry creatures, as well as Windsor Plywood employee Tom. Pepper is a 13-year-old Heeler, and this sensitive beauty takes care of the family. Beauregard is a 6-year-old, energetic Border Collie rescue. Beau is blessed to have found a life with Fran where he spends his days patrolling the acreage and watching every move Pepper makes. Lexx is a handsome, gentle 8-year-old feline (a homeless cat from Qualicum) who was meant to find his way into Fran’s life – they share a deep energetic connection. Fran’s family is rounded off by a tank of saltwater fish.


Andrea was born in Namibia, then moved to South Africa to pursue a career as a legal secretary. When she returned to Namibia, she met her husband, a Canadian Mountie, who was posted there on a peace keeping mission. Andrea immigrated to Vancouver in 1991, and then moved to the Island in 1996. She continued working as a legal secretary until we successfully convinced her to make a career change. That was 16 years ago.

At home, Andrea devotes her free time to her critters. Merlin, an 8-year-old Golden Retriever, is her pride and joy. Andrea adopted her feline friend, Princess, from the local shelter as a one-year-old. At 17, years, Princess is still no princess. She is a busy independent girl who keeps the dogs in line. Andrea’s most recent family addition is an 8-year-old Golden Retriever rescued from Taiwan. William had a tough start to his life, but has finally settled in as he learned that life can be filled with love and care.


Samantha, while born in White Rock, spent many years in eastern Canada before making her way to the West Coast. Sam worked as a chef here in Oceanside for many years, but she realized that cooking was not her destiny. In fact, she realized her true passion (her pets) had been snuggled up next to her for 26 years. Fortunately, for us, Sam’s revelation coincided with our job posting in 2011. She found us and we found her!

Pets, from mice and rats, to birds, cats and dogs, have surrounded Sam throughout her life. She has a boisterous, beautiful Husky X Hound named Tonka who demands and receives her full attention and love. She has also provided a loving refuge to three fabulous felines who were all “discarded” as young kittens. Monkey is her rambunctious eccentric, Patch her home turf defender, and Jet, her love bug.